Thai Language
Thai language is also known as Siamese. It is a national language spoken by the locals in Thailand. Thailand is a lovely country that is best known for their local foods, night markets, ancient temples and beautiful beaches.

Your path to learning Thai

Learn Thai for Beginners

Whether your goal to learn Thai Language is for business or social purposes, our Thai language course will allow you to learn to communicate with Thai efficiently and effectively.

Learning Thai language can be challenging. However, with our experience Thai teachers, they will deliver the lesson in an experiential and fun-filled way, making your learning journey much easier. We select only the best Thai teacher and teaching materials that will guide you to master the Thai language in the shortest amount of time.

During the lesson, you will find yourself immerse in the rich Thai culture while mastering the language with our native speaking teacher. We will ensure you that studying Thai with us will be fun, engaging and enjoyable.

All course dates are tentative until officially confirmed in registration form.
All the lessons are held on a weekly basis unless stated differently.

New Learning Schedules

Conversational Beginner Level

Nov 2023

Every Wednesday 7-9pm from 15Nov2023

Every Sunday 10am-12pm 19Nov2023

Every Saturday 10am-12pm from 25Nov2023

Dec 2023

Every Sunday 12-2pm from 10Dec2023

Every Thursday 7-9pm from 21Dec2023

Conversational Intermediate Level

Nov 2023
Every Saturday 12-2pm from 18Nov2023

Conversational Advanced Level

Nov 2023
Every Sunday 12-2pm from 19Nov2023